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Franz Runge

Inhouse Production Manager

Since my earliest childhood, I was socialized to a large extent by the world of moving pictures. To this day, it remains unclear whether this was due to my parents' art house cinema or rather to my slightly above-average television consumption. Either way, it prompted me to leave the Eifel region after graduating from high school and study media business in the cosmopolitan city of Cologne. During a five-month internship in controlling at WDR, I discovered that I like numbers. My absolute favorite numbers are 19, 25 and 28. After successfully completing my studies, I worked at Heimatfilm for the first time in 2010. After a year, however, it drove me back into the wild, where I first worked as a location manager and since 2013 as unit manager, overseeing both feature films and series productions. But since my head urgently needed new input, I am now happy to hire a second time at Heimatfilm.  Since March 2022 I am here now and may quench my thirst for knowledge as an in-house production manager with 1000 new tasks in 1000 new projects.