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Low Profile

Fiction, 2005

18-year-old, freshly graduated Armin is slowly being suffocated by his mother’s well-meaning, his father’s expectations, the lethal boredom of suburban life. He starts randomly making anonymous claims of responsibility for accidents he witnesses, crimes he reads about. It starts as a game and quickly becomes an obsession. Soon, pretending to be guilty just isn’t enough…

„Low Profile” is not only an portrait of life in the suburban wastelands of Germany and a disturbing case study of a juvenile identity crisis: “It’s about a pattern, that we all are familiar with: the desire for a free disposition of our selves” – Christoph Hochhäusler studied directing at Munich Film and Television School (HFF). Le Monde about his debut feature „This very Moment” (Milchwald), shown at last year’s Berlinale: “Without doubt the best German film of the festival.”
Projekt Details
Script & Director: Christoph Hochhäusler
D.o.P.: Bernhard Keller
Editor: Stefan Stabenow
Art Director: Beatrice Schulz
Costumes: Susanne Sasserath

Cast: Constantin von Jascheroff, Viktoria Trauttmansdorff, Manfred Zapatka, Laura Tonke, Nora von Waldstätten

Postproduction supported by Filmstiftung Nordrhein-Westfalen.
Premiere: Festival des Cannes, Un certain regard, 2005
Filmfest München 2005, Förderpreis Neues Deutsches Kino - Best Actor (Jascheroff)
Bogota Film Festival, 2005
Chicago Film Festival, 2005
Max-Ophüls-Festival, 2006
Filmfestival Türkei/Deutschland, 2006, Best Actor - Constantin von Jascheroff

New Faces Awards - Best Actor Constantin von Jascheroff (nominated)