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The Sitting Duck

Fiction, 2022

The true story of unionist Maureen Kearney, who tries to expose dubious dealings in the French nuclear industry. In the process, she becomes the victim of an attack: tied up, raped and disfigured. A warning from the powers that be or the self-dramatisation of a perpetrator?
Projekt Details
Director: Jean-Paul Salomé
Script: Jean-Paul Salomé & Fadette Drouard, based on the novel by Caroline Michel-Aguirre
D.o.P.: Julien Hirsch 
Costume Design: Marité Coutard
Make-up Design: Thi Loan Nguyen, Susanne Woerle Jiritaro & Dolores Sanchez
Production Design: Françoise Dupertuis
Music: Bruno Coulais
Editing: Valérie Deseine & Aïn Varet

Cast: Isabelle Huppert, Grégory Gadebois, François-Xavier Demaison, Alexandra Maria Lara

A co-production of Le Bureau Films Paris and Heimatfilm.

Supported by Film- und Medienstiftung NRW and FFA Minitraité. Also supported by CNC, Ilse de France and Cinema du Monde, among others.
World Premiere: 79. Venice International Film Festival (Section: Orrizonti)
Opening film: Film Festival Cologne 2022