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2017 | Martin Baltscheit

Based on Martin Baltscheit’s successful theatre play.

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2017 | Julia Keller

His days are long, his work schedule is crammed – a high speed life in a
marketing department. When all of a sudden Walter loses his job, the
coordinates of his existences crumble and nothing is as it used to be…

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| Agnieszka Holland

Janina Duszejko, a former engineer, an astrologist and vegetarian, lives in a small picturesque village in the Sudeten Mountains. One night, she stumbles on the dead body of a neighbour. The poacher died a mysterious death. There are traces of roe deer hooves around his house…

In time, dead bodies of the local VIPs are discovered. All of them were hunters. Duszejko tries to convince the local police force that they were murdered by wild animals. As another VIPs is found dead, Duszejko becomes the main suspect. When the local parish house burns down and the priest and chaplain of the local hunting association dies in flames, the police are almost certain who did it…

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2016 | Nicolette Krebitz

Wild, a disturbing love story of animalistic radicality.

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2015 | Yared Zeleke

9-year-old Ephraim and his father Abraham live in Ethiopia’s mountainous North. Chuni, a lamb gifted to him by his deceased mother, has become his best friend. Ephraim keeps treating her preferentially despite the prevailing shortage of food. When Abraham decides to look for work in Addis Abeba and leave Ephraim with relatives in the South, Ephraim has great difficulty coming to terms with the new environment. In the end, he as well as Chuni emancipate, and grow into new strength, with the hope for a new beginning!

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2014 | Christoph Hochhäusler

Investigative journalist Fabian Groys enjoys great freedom since the stories he uncovers make for strong sales. He works for a political news magazine in their Berlin head office. In this context, his arrogance raises few eyebrows.

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2014 | Eran Riklis

1987: The first Intifada. 1991: The Gulf War.

Two major events in the Middle East, two major stations in the life of young Sayed, a boy who grows up in an Arab town within Israel, surrounded by a loving family which is also a bit crazy and quite funny. A father who is a Communist and a terrorist, a mother who hugs but also disciplines him, a charming grandmother full of secrets who knows everything about everything, a mysterious riddle that Sayed solves, friends from the town and guests from Tel Aviv and above all – a funny story about the search for identity, a search that changes dramatically when Sayed finds himself in a boarding school in Jerusalem where he finds love, compassion, where he finds who he really is but changes identity to start a new life – no longer an Arab, no longer a Dancing Arab.

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2013 | Rani Massalha

In order to find a new male giraffe for his beloved giraffe Rita, who has lost her mate in an air raid, young Ziad accompanies his father on his journey to steal a giraffe from an Israeli zoo and smuggle it back to the Palestinian Territories. The boy finally gaines the giraffe, but pays a high price for it. It seems mad to steal a giraffe and bring it back to an occupied military zone. But this is GIRAFFADA’s initiative: bring back hope in the dramatic conflict that opposes Israel and the Palestinian people by using the symbol of the tallest and most majestic animal of nature.

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