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| Franz Müller

Max and Sonja’s relationship has been a settled one for a few years now. Max feels the constrictions and develops a neurosis. Looking for help, he turns to his best friend, a psychoanalyst. But instead of curing him, he drives him deeper into the craze of obsessive relationship analysis, so Max starts sabotaging the relationship.

He invites a fleeting bar acquaintance to stay in their apartment – to break the symmetry. But Sonja lashes out and starts something with Max’ friend. Perplexed, Max understands he needs to fight if he wants Sonja back. He uses some cunning: after a few weeks a  stranger appears at the door, supposedly Max’ twin brother Maurice. He claims to have come for Max’ belongings in preparation for moving to South America. Sonja sees through the ploy and lets Max hanging on. An amusing role play with false beards and true feelings.

Comedy, 90 Min.
Script: Franz Müller

Script development supported by BKM.