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| Jan Bonny

Eva has been married to politician Josef Federer for six years. Having finally ascended from ordinary civil servant to a position of serious weight within his own party, Josef is chosen to represent his faction at the EU parliament. The couple relocates to Brussels.
Josef seizes this springboard opportunity and knows how to launch himself as a charismatic and promising politician with exceptional drive and talent. What was originally intended to be only a temporary stay in Brussels becomes increasingly more like a long-term arrangement.

Eva accepts the new situation only reluctantly. Knowing the political milieu since her childhood she is able to adapt to the biotope of EU- bureaucrats effortlessly anyhow. For the lack of any goals of her own she goes along and supports the career ambitions of her husband. Otherwise disinterested with the world surrounding her she kills time by aimlessly drifting through Brussels, trying out new yoga classes, frequenting bars and engaging in a string of extramarital sexual relations. When she meets a significant ex-lover and takes up the affair again, things eventually escalate and Eva finds herself torn between two rivalling men, who both demand of her to commit, once and for all.

This sets Eva off on a personal rollercoaster ride to finally give shape to her very own life.

Drama, 90 Min.
Script & Director: Jan Bonny

Script development supported by Film- und Medienstiftung NRW.