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2012 | Angela Christlieb

Naked Opera presents the story of Marc, a man of many sides and talents, brilliant and wealthy, a kind of Luxembourgish Don Giovanni. But, at the age of 36, Marc’s life is overshadowed by the wounds of his childhood and marked by a destructive disease. Every weekend, he escapes from his businessman routine to indulge in entertainment, pleasure, luxurious hotels and young companions. He travels the world to see Mozart’s opera Don Giovanni in which he finds the perfect representation of a life without compromise: intense and profound, full of love and passion.

Documentary, 80 Min.
Director: Angela Christlieb
Script: Patricia Fürst, Co-author Philipp Reimer, Adaptation by: Angela Christlieb, Bady Minck
D.o.P.: Jerzy Palacz

Cast: Marc Rollinger, Jordan Fox

Distributor: Real Fiction

Produced by Bady Minck & Alexander Dumreicher-Ivanceanu. Coproduced by Bettina Brokemper

Funded by Film Fund Luxembourg und FFA – German Federal Filmboard.