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2008 | Eran Riklis

Palestinian widow Salma lives off a lemon grove next to the Green Line border between Israel and the West Bank. Her new neighbor on the other side happens to be the new Israeli minister of defense, Israel Navon. His secret service men regards Salma’s garden as a threat to his safety, and orders it to be uprooted. But Salma takes a stand against the destruction of her only source of income and brings the issue to the Supreme Court. Her struggle makes big waves: not only the international media take notice, even the minister’s unhappy wife, Mira, becomes curious…

Eran Riklis is one of Israels most distinguished directors. Israeli-Arab borderline situations were already the topic of his last movie: „The Syrian Bride” (made by the same producers as „Lemon Tree”) was released worldwide and won numerous awards.

Drama, 100 Min.
Director: Eran Riklis
Script: Suha Arraf, Eran Riklis
D.o.P.: Rainer Klausmann
Sound: Hervé Buirette
Art Director: Miguel Merkin
Costumes: Rona Doron
Editor: Tova Ascher
Music: Habib Shehadeh Hanna

Cast: Hiam Abbass, Ali Suliman, Doron Tavory, Rona Lipaz Michael, Tarik Copti

World sales:

In coproduction with Eran Riklis Productions (Israel), MACT Productions (France) and Riva Film (Germany)
Support by Filmstiftung Nordrhein-Westfalen.

Festivals / awards / nominations:
  • Asia Pacific Screen Awards, 2008
    Best Script (Suha Arraf & Eran Riklis)
    Best Actress (Hiam Abbass)
  • European Film Awards, 2008
    Nominated for Best Script & Best Actress
  • Festival de San Sebastian, 2008
    TCM Audience Award for European Film
  • Ophir Awards – Israeli Film Awards, 2008
    Best Actress (Hiam Abbass)
  • Berlin International Film Festival
    Audience Award of Section Panorama Spezial