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2015 | Yared Zeleke

9-year-old Ephraim and his father Abraham live in Ethiopia’s mountainous North. Chuni, a lamb gifted to him by his deceased mother, has become his best friend. Ephraim keeps treating her preferentially despite the prevailing shortage of food. When Abraham decides to look for work in Addis Abeba and leave Ephraim with relatives in the South, Ephraim has great difficulty coming to terms with the new environment. In the end, he as well as Chuni emancipate, and grow into new strength, with the hope for a new beginning!

Drama, 90 Min.
Script & Director: Yared Zeleke
D.o.P.: Josée Deshaies
Sound: Till Röllinghoff
Art Direction: Laurence Brenguier
Costume Design: Sandra Berrebi

Gloria Films, Laurent Lavolé
Heimatfilm, Johannes Rexin
Slum Kid Films, Ama Ampadu
Film Farms, Alan Milligan

Cast: Rediete Amare, Kidist Seyoum, Rahel Teshome, Surafel Teka

World Sales: Films Distribution
Distributor: Neue Visionen

In co-production with ZDF/Arte. Supported by Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg, FFA Minitraité, CNC and Doha Film Institute, among others.