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2013 | Rani Massalha

In order to find a new male giraffe for his beloved giraffe Rita, who has lost her mate in an air raid, young Ziad accompanies his father on his journey to steal a giraffe from an Israeli zoo and smuggle it back to the Palestinian Territories. The boy finally gaines the giraffe, but pays a high price for it. It seems mad to steal a giraffe and bring it back to an occupied military zone. But this is GIRAFFADA’s initiative: bring back hope in the dramatic conflict that opposes Israel and the Palestinian people by using the symbol of the tallest and most majestic animal of nature.

Drama, 90 Min.
Director: Rani Massalha
Script: Xavier Nemo

Distributor Germany: Zorro Filmverleih GmbH

Supported by Film und Medienstiftung NRW, Eurimages and FFA/Minitraité.