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2014 | Eran Riklis

1987: The first Intifada. 1991: The Gulf War.

Two major events in the Middle East, two major stations in the life of young Sayed, a boy who grows up in an Arab town within Israel, surrounded by a loving family which is also a bit crazy and quite funny. A father who is a Communist and a terrorist, a mother who hugs but also disciplines him, a charming grandmother full of secrets who knows everything about everything, a mysterious riddle that Sayed solves, friends from the town and guests from Tel Aviv and above all – a funny story about the search for identity, a search that changes dramatically when Sayed finds himself in a boarding school in Jerusalem where he finds love, compassion, where he finds who he really is but changes identity to start a new life – no longer an Arab, no longer a Dancing Arab.

Drama, 104 Min.
Director: Eran Riklis
Script: Sayed Kashua
D.o.P.: Michael Wiesweg
Sound: Rolf Manzei
Art Director: Yoel Herzberg
Costume Design: Hamada Attallah
Editor: Richard Marizy

Cast: Tawfeek Barhom, Yael Abecassis, Michael Moshonov. Ali Suliman, Danielle Kitzis among others

World Sales: The Match Factory
Distributor Germany: NFP marketing & distribution

Produced by Michael Eckelt (Riva Film, Germany), Bettina Brokemper (Heimatfilm, Germany), Antoine de Clermont-Tonnerre (MACT Productions, France) and Chilik Michaeli & Tami Leon (United Channels Movies, Israel). Supported by Filmförderung Hamburg-Schleswig-Holstein und Eurimages. In co-production with ZDF/Arte.