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2004 | Jan Bonny

Sense loves Mavi, Mavi loves Damon, Max loves Sense, Anne dances. 4 people in a big German city. In New York, Damon waits for a signal of life from Mavi, but Sense hasn’t mailed her letter. Peaches become significant, as Sense gets the feeling that Mavi is going to leave him.

Short film, 15 min
Director: Jan Bonny
Script: Jan Bonny
D.o.P.: Torsten Lippstock
Editor: Leo Liertzer
Costumes: Nici Zinel

Cast: Nic Romm, Nora von Waldstätten, Noah Amos A. Matheis, Michaela Aue, Chris Bowers

In Coproduction with Cologne Academy of Media Arts and Sciences (KHM).